Barry N. Perkins

Project Co-Founder, Co-Leader, Spokesperson, Press & Media Contact

Barry N. Perkins is Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Tesseract Group, a former many-decade Oracle executive, investor, entrepreneur, idealist, and co-founding partner in our Global Mental Health & Wellness program. Barry leverages his gift for multi-dimensional thought and passion to help others, balancing theory and research with practical knowledge and extensive project execution experience, to turn vision into reality. He thrives on solving complex challenges, constructing, leading, and working with partnerships and teams, to make the impossible possible, through creative & innovative thought, learning, understanding, education, diligent & thoughtful hard work, and tenacity. Barry has extensive international business, technology (including Artificial Intelligence), and project management experience in healthcare, addiction, and mental health, incorporating partnerships, social enterprise, and corporate sponsorship. Along with founding partner David C. Traub, Barry is a Producer for the UN75 Global Governance Forum Mental Wellness for the World’s Growing Refugees, Migrants, and Disenfranchised Peoples roundtable.