David C. Traub

Project Co-Founder, Co-Leader, Spokesperson, Press & Media Contact

David C. Traub is Co-Founder of Epiphany Film Fund, and another dynamic co-founding partner in our Global Mental Health & Wellness Program. David enjoys nearly four decades of experience as a social impact media producer (Steve Jobs movie, multiple social benefit concerts and events; including multiple within the UN during the last several General Assembly’s; entrepreneur and venture catalyst; etc.). Most importantly, David is a 36-year mental health media and technology activist; educator (Harvard Graduate School of Education, with parallel work at MIT’s Media Lab) ‘propagandist’ (UC Berkeley); entrepreneur (he developed the “17 Questions Mythological Evaluation” platform for identifying one’s personal mythology and life purpose); and philanthropist (he has co-produced multiple mental health/social impact-centric fundraiser concerts and award-winning mental health-related video games). David was the originator of the concept of a music/celebrity-powered mental health roundtable, and with founding partner Barry Perkins, David is a Producer for the UN75 Global Governance Forum Mental Wellness for the World’s Growing Refugees, Migrants, and Disenfranchised Peoples roundtable.