Dr. PL de Silva

Dr. PL de Silva has over 20 years experience of back-room diplomacy, mediation, and negotiation. He has taught Politics/International Relations in several graduate/undergraduate programs at universities in New York, New Jersey, Long Island and Queen’s University of Belfast in Northern Ireland. Dr de Silva’s publications include Postmodern Insurgencies: Political Violence, Identity Formation, and Peacemaking in Comparative Perspective. He is a co-founder with Professor WD Lakshman (former Vice Chancellor University of Colombo) of the International War-related Trauma & Humanitarian Intervention Trust (IWTHI Trust) setting up psychosocial training programs for practitioners serving combatants/non-combatants during Sri Lanka’s civil war.

Experienced Director with a demonstrated history of working in the think tanks industry and academia; the United Nations; political and military affairs (CT, CVE, stabilization operations); and the private sector (financial services, oil and gas). Skilled in Research, Political Risk Analysis, Geo-strategy, Cultural Diplomacy, Humanitarian Action, and Global Affairs involving war-affected, deeply divided societies. Strong professional with a Doctor of Philosophy – PhD focused on Political Science from the University of Amsterdam.